I'm a wedding photographer. My style combines simplicity and refinement and I don't leave out the elegance of the image. Every marriage has its own history, different from all the others. I like to photograph the sensuality of the bride while she dresses, her looks and her emotions.

I have a very instinctive approach with bride and groomn, I often look for spontaneity and I almost never do a planning, but sometimes I like to take the bride and groom by the hand to take them there, right there, where I see the perfect photo.

I make myself invisible because everything takes place at its own pace. I especially love photographing in Tuscany, my land, for the beauty of its hills and its sunsets that I adore infinitely for the warm light they emanate.

I like to capture the most beautiful and fun moments and look for details that make the story unique and special.

For me the photo is not just a 'click' but a search for emotions and important moments.







In the obscurity of the dark room began my journey into photography: when my father, craftsman printer, materialized an image on a sheet of paper dipped in a liquid, I fall was in love with that strange kind of witchcraft.

In the dark room something snapped in the child, that something called passion, a passion for photographic art.

Since 1994, I started my career as a professional photographer immortalizing my first ceremony with a Zenza Bronica 6x6: despite my finger were sweaty for the tension, it was a success. Since then, I continued to perfect myself by following specific workshops held by great masters of fotography .

The advent of digitalization has allowed me to explore new frontiers, to accept new challenges, taking pictures in a more dinamic, more exciting and less settled manner, with a style, you can say, "à la reportage". So, I can turn those special and exiting moments of my customers in a true story told trough images: the photo instead of the word.


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Sara & Christian

Sara & Christian

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Sarah and Christian on their wedding day in Vincigliata castle. A Special thanks to the photographer Lucrezia De Luca, and Camilla Cheade for their support!

Thank you very much Sara and Christian for your cooperation!!!!!!

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